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ZAEMA ACADEMY strives to provide each trainee with an individualized and comprehensive learning curriculum. This is achieved by a by highly-skilled team of experts, systematic approach and instructions provided.


By implementing comprehensive methodologies, positive support and engaging teaching, trainees will be competent in their application of aesthetic treatments.

We use personalized skills training approach, as it is fun and effective.

Our data supports that our trainees demonstrate competencies in their aesthetics applications. More importantly, they feel prepared for their next professional role in their clinic.

We offer comprehensive hands-on training supervised by highly-skilled and experienced aesthetic trainers who are experts in their respective fields.

The courses provide the leading techniques and procedures with the goal to help physicians succeed in their medical aesthetics practice, equip them with knowledge and skill sets to immediately incorporate these aesthetic procedures as new or existing practice in their clinics.

ZAEMA courses will be offered worldwide, enabling physicians to gain comprehensive education and technical training in the evolving science of aesthetic medicine.

ZAEMA consists an educational and training organization. ZAEMA courses are open to all licensed physicians. Submission of their medical license will be required for admission to ZAEMA courses.Completion of any ZAEMA Course will not be a license to practice.

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